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Student comment roundup – Romeo & Juliet

November 9, 2010

Maria C: “Absolutely loved your performances today!! How everyone interwined humour in the randomest instances, was great! it kept my friend who usually cannot stand Shakespeare, interested through out the play. You guys are just wonderful ♥”

Rebecca D: “saw Romeo and Juliet today with my English class and it was amazing i loved every minute of it :)”

Nikki F: “the performance was amazing. and RJ who played tybalt, you were amazing. and Brandon [Mercutio] hilarious.!”

Marisa C: “watched romeo and juliet today, AMAZING and SO funny! All the actors were awesome! .. R.J. you have nice abs”

Miriam K: “I watched Romeo and Juliet today. It was absolutely amazing. I hope to come see it again, maybe even some of your other plays as well.‌”

Rashimi J: “i enjoyed and (for once in my life) understood the play. Romeo & was great guys! (Y) :D”

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